Top Three Blends of Gold Tea!

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Ever since the 18th century, Britons have been the world’s most tenacious tea purchasers. Naturally, the expansive British Empire is widely considered to be instrumental in spearheading tea exports from China to India. Because of this, Britain could be said to control the tea trade.

A first class beverage for everyone!

A high society drink in the from the 18th to 19th centuries, tea now dominates each social class in Britain.

Gold teas are exactly what they claim to be: premium, luxurious, and high-quality.

Tea is a conspicuous element of British society and culture, touching all aspects of modern life. As such, everyone likes to put their own twist on tea. In the United Kingdom, the drinking of tea is so varied that it can be hard to describe in just a few words.

How do you take your tea?

Some people love it with milk, others do not. There are those who think it is normal to drink it dark, and there are those who prefer a little bit (or a lot!) of lemon. Most people consider sugar to be a must in their cuppa.

And there are also those that love the builder’s brew – served in a mug with lots of milk and quite a bit of sugar!


Gold teas, however, hold a special place in my heart because they are made of the finest ingredients and have a fuller, more robust taste. Some may even describe the flavour as earthy and strong.

Think of it this way: the Gold version of a tea is the premium blend, utilising leaves and sourcing ingredients from only the most prestigious tea growing regions. These regions can include Assam, Kenya, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka.

Today we are going to explore some of the finer Gold blends! Also, if I may let you in on a little secret, (unless you have already figured it out, which you probably have) when you add milk to the Gold blend of a tea, the colour actually turns gold! Think about it: when you make a cup of, shall we say, “thrifty” tea, it it quite brown in colour. When you make an average cup of tea, it is rather red. But with gold, well, you know what you get. 🙂

When you add milk to the Gold blend of a tea, the colour actually turns gold!

So off we go into the land of top three Gold teas!

Yorkshire Gold (Click to buy!): This tea is exceptional – especially in the loose leaf offering. An ideal companion for breakfast or in the afternoon, it is perfect served either dark or with milk and sugar. Intense in strength, Yorkshire Gold has a delightful taste thanks to a superb mix of teas from Sri Lanka, Africa, and India.

Barry’s Gold (Click to buy!) Barry’s Gold Tea: Barry’s, based in Ireland, is one of my favourite teas. I could drink it every day! Barry’s Gold originates from the most desirable tea growing communities of Kenya, Rwanda, and the renowned Assam region. This tea is an absolute winner and one of the best in the world.

PG Tips Gold (Click to buy!): A brilliant mix of Ceylon, Assam, and African teas are squeezed to discharge their normal squeezes and make their striking and rich flavor. This is the best cup from their range, in my opinion.  The teabags are in my favourite pyramid shape. This dynamic bag allow more space for the water to flow through the bag and incorporate the flavour from the tea to the water.

So there you have it! The top three Gold teas. Well, according to me any way. I hope it makes you want to go make a cuppa! In fact, I think I am going to go and do that right now.

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