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In Honour of National Pasta Day

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There is something about pasta that is amazing, comforting, and absolutely fantastic. I could eat it every day. There are so many different varieties and you can do pretty much anything with pasta.

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Pasta, Pasta, Pasta

Tomato. Spinach. Meatballs. Literally, you can put almost anything on top of your pasta and if you prepare it correctly you will always have an incredible result.

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There are so many dishes with pasta in them that I will be posting at Dining Mosaic soon, so stay tuned. Everything from carbonara to agilo e olio – all with my own unique twists.

You can have noodles, tubes, bow ties, shells – everything. Pasta is glorious. It adapts. It conforms. It’s saucy. Humans should be more like pasta!

Macaroni, spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine, vermicelli, and more — these are just some of the hundreds of varieties of pasta that you can have.

So, without further ado, I give you a photo essay expressing my love for pasta at this wonderful time of year:

Fresh tagliatelle Aglio e Olio with Pancetta, pasta
Fresh tagliatelle Aglio e Olio with Pancetta
pasta, spaghetti carbonara
Spaghetti Carbonara
spaghetti pomodoro, pasta
spaghetti pomodoro
Baked Ziti, Pasta
Baked Ziti

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