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Miller and Carter Steakhouse: A Disgrace

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Miller & Carter is a U.K.-based steakhouse with locations across the nation and owned by Mitchells and Butlers. It is also the employer of a Polish server that insults customers for being British and speaking English.

They also serve cold food.

They also having incredibly disrespectful middle management.

Miller and Carter also are frequently complained about on Twitter. More on that in a moment.

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong at Miller and Carter. We arrived about 20 minutes early and the hostess rolled her eyes and said “your table is not ready.” We said we were fine but came early for drinks. We sat with drinks and waited for our table, which was a table near the bar and very, very small. Even the server remarked how small the tables are because she struggled to fit the plates on the table. They did not seat us in the main seating area when we had a booking.

When we ordered our starter, a woman other than our server brought a plate of meats (an antipasto) and no plates. About five to ten minutes later, the server realised the mistake and brought over some plates. Absolutely disgusting service.

Our Miller and Carter Steakhouse server was inattentive, disrespectful, and seemingly in a rush to get us out the door. When asked if she was Italian, she said she was Polish at which point she proceeded to expound on how English people are lazy because they don’t have to learn any other languages since everyone almost always speaks English.

Also, the wedge salads were brought out prior to the steaks, and the steaks were brought out perhaps two to three minutes later. I could not finish eating my salad before the steak was served and had to shuffle the plates around. I didn’t even finish my salad because of the lack of room at the very tiny table.

The steaks were lukewarm and the steak sauce was congealed. The steaks had very little flavour. I have had better quality steak from ASDA. They had no remaining half lobster, which was disappointing. The veg that was served were not warm and appeared as if they had been sitting for quite some time. They did not taste fresh.

The server was not responsive to me when I took ill. Something in the food was not right and I felt ill for two days afterward. When I called the next day, on Saturday, we asked to speak to the manager, the woman who answered disrespectfully claimed that she was an assistant manager and became hostile. I remarked that we wanted to speak about our less than pleasurable experience and she immediately asked, in a very volatile and accusatory fashion, “did you tell your server about the problems?” I asked for the name of the manager and she told me to call back at 3pm.

I did not make the return call to Miller and Carter because it did not seem that they cared on the night I went in nor did it seem that they cared when I called on the Saturday to try to remedy the experience. I spent over £60 on an experience that was emotionally and physically harmful, and I will never return to a Miller & Carter. Everything – from the service to the the food to the size of the table – was absolutely horrific. I have seen better food and service in episodes of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares when compared to our experience at Miller & Carter.

I am hoping that this Dining Mosaic review about Miller and Carter can be a catalyst to remedy the horrendous and harmful time I spent getting ill, being seated at a children’s table near the bar, having cold food, and being insulted for being British.

Fast forward: I received an email from “Manager” Richard Shardelow which basically told me to deal with it and offered no solutions. Then, an even more patronising email came from John Crayton. I emailed Mitchells and Butlers CEO Phil Urban (you can email him at and finally received a response from new Operations Manager Sue Walsh ( and will post the resolution to this pandemonium when she replies, which should be later today.

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While you’re waiting to see how this drama unfolds, check out other tweets from unhappy customers of Miller and Carter, including one from MBE Hollie Arnold:


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