Creamy Tabasco Brie

Lunch! Creamy Tabasco Brie Salami Sandwich

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DiningMosaic Creamy Tobasco Brie Salami Sandwich
Creamy Tabasco Brie Salami Sandwich

Okay, so I know this sounds absolutely insane, and I know you’re probably thinking “What on earth is she doing adding perfectly good and tasty Tabasco sauce to creamy brie?!?” but I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t share this recipe with you right now!

Here’s the recipe: Creamy Tabasco Brie Sauce

I just decided to do a little concocting in the kitchen and look what came out of it: a delicious, spicy, absolutely decadent sandwich.

And the sauce was so simple to make!

Add 1 tbsp #mayonaise to 1/2 tsp creamy brie. Mix in 1 tsp of Tobasco sauce and 1/2 tsp of #oregano. Mix vigorously. Spread across toasted bread with lettuce and salami.


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